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March of the Regulars

I'll always love the Regulars. Of all the SGs I've been a part of, I think they may have the most story potential, if only because the members are such well developed characters as individuals, and so diverse in origin.

But their potential is only part of what made them such a great team. The rest is you, my friends. We essentially made this team out of spare parts, threw it at everything, and held it together. It was the big things like "Come On, Irene"; it was the little things like always playing as a group and running level-range content together. Thank you all for creating these memories with me.

If I could make a summer blockbuster movie about the Regulars, I would put this march somewhere in the soundtrack. I'm dedicating it to y'all. Apologies for the roughness of this demo. I'll probably record a better version of it sometime when I learn how.

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how zen

so apparently, there have been reports of various sightings of tao and zen in paragon city last night. ole t&z, having gone missing for a little while now, has been suspected of taking a reprieve from, well, existence lately, having pretty much been there and done that (on a large albeit cosmic level) and deciding not to actually buy the tshirt. and when you're the physical manifestation of the state of being, it's kind of hard to argue with that.

oddly, though, these sightings of the black and white purveyor of fortune cookie wisdom seem in some way off. Collapse )
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here's your reminder for tonight's regulation run. do you have your special costume prepared? will we hit 50 tonight?

we'll soon find out.

be there: 10pm(ish) eastern.
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Ctrl-X should be all caught up with the rest of you now. Level 49.55, Experience to Next Level 2,189,247. Costume ready to go.

Although, come to think of it, maybe I should get a little ahead of the pack, since you usually start before I get on.

In other news, that respec recipe sold for 75M, cha-ching! With one hefty listing fee, but still, Ctrl-X is now my richest toon, even not counting the slush fund that Frank left us (which will be distributed at our next meeting).


Our storage racks were at maximum capacity, so I've finished the small addition I started 2 weeks ago. 2nd storage room now has all salvage racks (twice as many as before), as well as the personal vault and the IO crafting table. Original room still has all inspiration racks and enhancement salvage (twice as many as before).

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Teamup tomorrow night

I will either be very late to tomorrow night's teamup or not there at all.

We are having dinner with a friend tomorrow night before he goes back to college. He's coming over to our house fairly early, but you never know what tangents you're going to go off on and then realize that it's midnight.

Not that anyone cares, but it looks as if I'll be able to make it semi-on time tonight. Because of planets aligning incorrectly, the ol' husband forgot that he had a meeting tonight at 7. Our friend will be here at 5, and husband said he can be a little late for his meeting. Once I kick the husband and friend out of the house and get the kids in bed, I can be in-game.
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Catching up, but still way behind

I'm chipping away at Irene's XP deficit, slowly but surely. She was only 1/2 a bar from 46 after our run the other night, and I ran some quick papers and a safeguard this evening and got her to that 46.

I'll likely be hanging around on her this weekend sometime. My house is clean, I have tons of leftovers from meals that I haven't cooked this week, and the laundry is caught up. So if you feel like hanging around on Guardian with me, give me a holler.