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how zen

so apparently, there have been reports of various sightings of tao and zen in paragon city last night. ole t&z, having gone missing for a little while now, has been suspected of taking a reprieve from, well, existence lately, having pretty much been there and done that (on a large albeit cosmic level) and deciding not to actually buy the tshirt. and when you're the physical manifestation of the state of being, it's kind of hard to argue with that.

oddly, though, these sightings of the black and white purveyor of fortune cookie wisdom seem in some way off. photo captured moments reveal startling details:

note how there appears to be more than one of him in these captured stills. while, granted, it can be interpreted that unity with the state of being can indeed encapsulate multiplicity as, obviously, the very notion of singularity is limiting, careful observation will reveal that these various aspects of tao and zen are not actually identical. (one of them has breasts!)

further, observe how, upon actualizing their capacity for "experience", these individual aspects of the whole seemingly explode with scintillation and great fanfare:


exactly what is going on here? isn't this all a little..


...oh wait.

it's the regulars, right down to their last four members of the active roster. and what's this? they're the first of the supergroup to make 50? wow, that's great. it took about two years of ahem regular teamups to get there but they did finally get there. together. and what makes this climactic achievement so special is that by donning tao and zen drag (each tailored per character) and making security level 50, these four honored a recently retired member.

dinging 50 in his stead and in his guise (since he left right before he, too, made the big ding), these four reggos wish to convey a very heartfelt thank you to tao and zen/@archmage: frank, you were always a valuable member of the team and although you weren't there for the last of the xplicious runs of the regulars, we will always be grateful for how you always managed to keep the team alive (in both a literal and figurative sense).

this ding was totally for you.


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