Super President Chestnut Mayor (bryce) wrote in paragonregulars,
Super President Chestnut Mayor

March of the Regulars

I'll always love the Regulars. Of all the SGs I've been a part of, I think they may have the most story potential, if only because the members are such well developed characters as individuals, and so diverse in origin.

But their potential is only part of what made them such a great team. The rest is you, my friends. We essentially made this team out of spare parts, threw it at everything, and held it together. It was the big things like "Come On, Irene"; it was the little things like always playing as a group and running level-range content together. Thank you all for creating these memories with me.

If I could make a summer blockbuster movie about the Regulars, I would put this march somewhere in the soundtrack. I'm dedicating it to y'all. Apologies for the roughness of this demo. I'll probably record a better version of it sometime when I learn how.


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