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princess irene, petrified and filked

looks like we have a winner for the "come on, eileen"/princess irene filk-off:


now to arrange a time for frank to serenade teri with his special homage to princess irene over ventrilo! in the meantime, frank, lemme know what character of yours you'd like for me to do up as a hero portrait (and gimme some screenshots).

thanks again to everyone who voted and submitted an entry!
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princess irene - scandalized and filked!

ok, folks..

we've got stuff for you to check out and judge, filk-wise. you'll find the submissions behind each cut as well as youtube embeds provided for your convenience (sing along, dammit!).

Collapse )

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which filk do you dig?

entry one
entry two
entry three
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got filk?

hey reggos,

the "princess irene filk contest" ends on monday just in time for our next teamup. you still have time!

a couple of you have said that you've tried to do this and came up with something only to throw it away. well, those are good, too! send your partial submissions... even if it has holes in it! given that this will all be put to a vote, who knows? that partial submission may win if only because someone sees the potential for it (and may offer to help fill said holes at a later time).

come on..
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filk for great justice

it's been a good while since we last had any sort of pro-community activity here besides the odd teamup notice every couple weeks. so let's have ourselves a l'il contest:

filk the song "come on, eileen".

some rules:

  • it's gotta be something about our favorite (as well as only) blaster on the active roster.. princess irene.
  • only one entry per person and said person has to have teamed with her on an sg run before.
  • kitchenqueen can totally put in a submission of her own.
  • you guys have until the next scheduled teamup to filk to your heart's content.

post your filks here as a comment (they'll all be screened) and i'll post them en masse and sans author in a future post. we'll then vote on the most entertaining of the filks. winner gets, i don't know, a portrait or something done by yours truly (i need an excuse to draw) or at the least bragging rights. it'll be fun (which is reason alone right there).

some info about our local royalty:

  • specifically, she's ice blast/fire manipulation (not that you see her do fire much)
  • she's got the leadership pool (and is quick to fire off vengeance as necessary)
  • she's a superspeedster (along with the scrappers) and has hasten on auto i stand corrected. (see comment below.)
  • is often teamed up with 3-4 scrappers
  • has a rainbow gradient outfit as one of her costume slots

some helpful links:

go nuts, people!
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